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Tasker Milward (VC) School has developed the following Home-School agreement which parents are asked to sign and return on admission of their children to the school

As a parent, I will do my best to:

  • take an active interest in all aspects of my child’s school life;
  • see that my child attends school regularly, on time and properly equipped;
  • communicate to school all relevant information which may affect my child’s work or behaviour;
  • notify the school if, for any reason, my child cannot attend;
  • encourage my child to follow the school’s behaviour policy and support associated action taken by the school;
  • support the school’s policy on homework, provide suitable facilities at home, and encourage my child to make the required effort;
  • do my best to attend parent’s evenings and make other meetings at which my presence is requested.

The teachers and governors of Tasker Milward (VC) School will do our best to:

  • provide a safe and stimulating environment for your child;
  • ensure that your child fulfils his/her potential as a learner and as a member of the school community;
  • offer a broad and balanced curriculum to pupils of all abilities;
  • encourage all pupils to take responsibility for their own actions, feel proud of their achievements and enjoy being a pupil at the school;
  • keep you informed about your child’s progress and general school matters;
  • insist that all pupils observe the school’s behaviour and anti-bullying policies;
  • welcome your involvement in the life of the school

As a student, I will do my best to:

  • attend regularly and arrive at registration on time;
  • wear the correct uniform and bring the correct equipment each day;
  • work hard to achieve targets set with my teachers;
  • help other students by allowing every teacher to teach and every learner to learn;
  • behave well on the journey to and from school;
  • behave well in and out of class, follow the code of conduct and meet the school’s expectations;
  • respect and care for others and their property (including school property);
  • care for my diary and record all homework details;
  • try my hardest at all tasks;
  • meet all deadlines for handing in homework and coursework;
  • find out what opportunities are available to me and participate where possible;
  • pass all letters, notes and reports to parents on the day they are issued;
  • talk with parents and teachers about any concerns in school.
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