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Religious Education/Addysg Grefyddol

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The RE department is well established and has its own base within the H Block. The department is well resourced with facilities including TVs, dvds, projectors and an interactive whiteboard.  There are currently four specialist teachers involved with the department at GCSE level.

At Key Stage 3 students in Years 8 and 9 have two hours of RE per fortnight.

In KS4 we offer a full GCSE in Philosophy and Ethics, which involves 5 hours of teaching per fortnight.

The course gives students an opportunity to:

  • identify, investigate and respond to fundamental questions of life raised by religion and human experience, including questions about the meaning and purpose of life
  • acquire knowledge and develop understanding of beliefs, values and traditions of one or more religions.
  • consider different responses to moral issues
  • develop skills relevant to the study of philosophy and religion.


Assessment will consist of four 1 hour examination papers. There is no coursework 

Exam board -OCR

Those who do not opt for the Full Course will do one hour a week and will work towards a Short Course qualification, which is worth half a GCSE. Results for both Full Course and Short Course have been consistently good.

The units which will be studied are:

  • Unit 1 Relationships: Issues of Love, Marriage and Divorce
  • Unit 2 Is It Fair: Issues of Justice and Equality
  • Unit 3 Looking For Meaning: Issues about God, Life and Death
  • Unit 4 Our World: Exploring Creation and Our place in the World

For the short course RE there is only one exam, which is 1hr 45 Minutes and it is worth 100% of the course. 5 marks are awarded for spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Exam board WJEC 

At KS5 we study Philosophy and Ethics.  There is a very good uptake at this level.

At AS-Level you will study 2 units which are:

  1. Introduction to philosophy of religion
    The topics which will be covered in this unit are

    1. The existence of God (i) – Cosmological Arguments
    2. The existence of God (ii) – Teleological Arguments
    3. Evil and Suffering
    4. An introduction to Religious Experience: Mysticism
  1. Introduction to Religion and Ethics
    The topics which will be covered in this unit are

    1. Aquinas’ Natural Law
    2. Situation Ethics: Joseph Fletcher
    3. Utilitarianism: Bentham & Mill
    4. Applied Ethics

At A-Level you will study two further units.

Which are Philosophy of Religion and Synoptic paper

At all levels a variety of teaching methods are employed and the department works closely with the local religious community.  Speakers are regularly invited in and we have had the GSUS bus in when they are visiting the area. Pupils are encouraged to express their beliefs and question the issues raised in the classroom. Pupils develop their literacy, communication and empathy skills during the sensitive topics studied.


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