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Media Studies


In Media Studies, we learn all about the history of the media and how it has changed over time, bringing it right up to date by including investigations regarding social networking sites and new ways of promoting music, among other things.  We learn to understand how the media can influence and manipulate views and truth, and how it can also be extremely beneficial in our modern world.

The main areas for each topic that we study include genre, narrative, representation, media organisations and audiences.  We teach you how to deconstruct a range of media texts, and this analysis is an extremely valuable skill to acquire for other subjects and all aspects of life.

You will be required to complete a total of three controlled assessments and your own personal learning style will determine how you wish to present your findings.  For example, you may wish to write an essay, you may prefer to create a PowerPoint, or you may decide that you want to create a larger ‘information board’ with pictures and labels.  The exam at the end of Year 11 will require you to provide written answers and you will also design a media text, such as a webpage or a magazine front cover.

The topics we cover include:

  • Television
  • Film
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Music Industry
  • Advertising and Marketing



External Assessment: Written Examinations: 40%
Unit 1 40% Thinking about the Media: Investigating and Planning
2 hrs 15 mins
80 marks (80 UMS)

  • Section A: Thinking about the media – Investigating
  • Four questions: candidates respond to stimulus material chosen from a topic set by WJEC. This section will also assess the way the contemporary media is convergent.
  • Section B: Thinking about the media – Planning
  • A series of tasks: candidates demonstrate planning and creative skills through a series of creative tasks which demonstrates knowledge of the convergent nature of the contemporary media.

Controlled Assessment: 60%
Unit 2 Creating for the media: Investigating and Producing
120 marks (120 UMS)
Three pieces of work from at least two different media:

  • two textual investigations on two different media areas [one must be print-based] (20%) and
  • one media production consisting of research, planning, the production itself and an evaluation of the production (40%).
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