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On entering Year 10, pupils will be arranged in sets on the basis of their mathematical ability.
All pupils will follow Key Stage 4 of the National Curriculum, which involves study of Numbers, Algebra, Shape and Space, and Data Handling. A fifth category, Using and Applying Mathematics, is an integral part of the other four.
What is Mathematics for?

  • To develop your mathematical knowledge and understanding and your oral, written and practical skills in a way which encourages confidence.
  • To develop a feel for number, so that you can carry out calculations and understand the significance of the results you get.
  • To help you to solve everyday problems, present the solutions and check the results.
  • To allow you to use Mathematics as a means of communication.
  • To help you apply your Maths in Science and Technology.
  • To develop your appreciation that the different branches of Mathematics are all related.
  • To let you produce and appreciate imaginative and creative work arising from Mathematical ideas.
  • To give you a firm basis for further study in Mathematics and many other disciplines.
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