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Information and Communications Technology

Welcome to GCSE ICT

At GCSE students can opt for ICT full course which comprises 4 units, two of which are controlled assignments.

Unit 2 controlled assignment is carried out over a 22 ½ hour period in year 10 and unit 4 in year 11 on a similar time frame. There are two examined units (1 & 3) covering ICT in home, school and business environments.  GCSE ICT Full Course Unit 1 Exam May .  The focus in unit 3 is multimedia and the legal systems in place to protect both home and commercial users.

The course offers students the opportunity to explore new technologies and to produce working solutions to real world problems.

A Level

At AS/A2 ICT expands on the GCSE knowledge, concentrating on its application.  There are two coursework elements, the first in Year 12 focusing on a variety of application solutions to a general business problem. The students work within the world of work community in order to have realistic solutions. In Year 13 the focus is entirely on relational databases and concentrates on building a database management system from inception to fruition.


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