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Cwricwlwm Cymreig

Datganiad o Genhadaeth –  Mission Statement

Rydym ni yn Ysgol Tasker Milward  yn ymrwymo i gynnal ethos Gymraeg  a Chymreig sy’n adlewyrchu’r ffaith bod yr Iaith Gymraeg yn rhan annatod o’n hunaniaeth genedlaethol.

We at Tasker Milward school are committed to maintaining a Welsh ethos with reference to both language and culture which reflects the fact that the Welsh Language is an integral part of our national identity.

Ein Gweledigaeth – Our Vision

Our vision is to see the Welsh Language thrive at Tasker Milward School and be regarded as a living language. To achieve this, we aim to ensure all students continue to have the opportunity to develop, strengthen and sustain their Welsh language skills through its inclusion in the curriculum up to and including KS4. We also encourage and support the use of the Welsh language in the classroom and around the school.  Our vision for our 21st century school includes the Welsh Language and Cwricwlwm Cymreig policies which give staff, parents and students an increased awareness of the value of the Welsh culture and support opportunities for the Welsh language to be used in all aspects of school life.

Ein Nod – Our Goal / Aim

Our aim/goal would be that all learners should be using the Welsh language to their full potential and develop language skills which reflect living in a bilingual country. We should also prepare our students for the growing demand for bilingual workplace skills in Wales.

We are committed to developing: –

  • A whole school approach which combines the Welsh language development (Polisi’r Iaith Gymraeg) and the Welsh dimension (Polisi Cwricwlwm Cymreig) so that the linguistic, cultural, economic, environmental and historical characteristics of Wales are embedded across the formal and informal curriculum. We endeavour to encourage the use of the Welsh Language throughout the school including all lessons and assemblies with bilingualism being evident around all access areas in the school.


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